take pleasure

Take Pleasure

What’s the best way to cope with stress?  Our friend Rick Hanson, whom we frequently quote in this blog, wonders why people don’t Take Pleasure.   There are so many fun things to do, some take hardly any time or money, why don’t we just take time out to smell the roses, or the dinner cooking, or the perfume…  Why don’t we take pleasure in good smells, nice music, soft fabrics?  Why do we allow ourselves to block out simple things that could be giving us a break from stress, and even a pathway down from the high-stress level we stay on to more of a “green zone” as Hanson calls it, where there is less stress and more pleasure?

Last year, we posted a list of “80 pleasurable things (you can do at home)” that was a revision of an older pre-pandemic list we have shared before.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of remembering to relax and have some fun, and remembering the fun things we have practically at our fingertips every day.

Pleasure is an important antidote to stress, and it’s surprising how hard it is to think of when we are drowning in demands.  But there is always time for a break, a rest, a snack or a joke with a friend.  Or you can read some more MoodSurfing posts….

Rick Hanson’s podcast series, Just One Minute, is a paid subscription, and we do recommend it as a very helpful resource.