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Nov 15

Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Yourself - TED Talks

Part of the key to self care is finding ways of being nice to yourself that don’t require a huge investment of time. Yes, it would be great to spend the day at one of those fancy spas. I can almost feel the sense of relaxation soothing all of the tension that I carry around …

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Dec 12

Depression Described

Depression Described - The Secret We Share

It can be extremely difficult trying to describe depression and therefore make the experience meaningful to loved ones, colleagues, etc. As it happens there is a TED talk by Andrew Solomon entitled, “Depression, The Secret We Share,” that is an excellent discussion and description of depression. In addition to the video itself, there’s a fascinating …

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Jun 01

MoodSurfing ™ 101 : Depression – Video Included

Part of the preparation for this site has been a lot of thinking about “what works” to help people live better lives with their moods. The most common problem people ask for help about is depression. We spent a few days looking through the clinical literature to identify non-medication options to improve depression. Then we …

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