Luminette Light Therapy Glasses

Weak circadian rhythms, seasonal mood symptoms, and disrupted sleep and daytime fatigue are common problems for people with depression and bipolar, the Luminette light therapy glasses may be a key part of a practical strategy to counteract these problems.

Light therapy (very bright light, usually in the morning) has been shown to improve seasonal and non-seasonal depression in people with unipolar and bipolar depression. And light doesn’t have side effects.

However getting light exposure can be a challenge for people who lead very busy lives. Many people feel they don’t have time in the morning to use a therapy light.

Luminette light therapy glasses allow you to get bright light while you are getting ready to start the day.

The glasses fit above your eyes, and they don’t get in the way of regular glasses. They shine a bright light into your retina, but that light doesn’t interfer

e with normal vision (if you walk around in the dark, the light might be a distraction, but not otherwise). So you can wear them as you make your breakfast, watch the news, or check your email.

They are very light and reasonably comfortable.

One of the people I work with had this to say about the glasses….

I give the light therapy glasses a thumbs up. It’s so easy to use them and based on my experience (1 week) it’s easy to incorporate their use in my daily morning routine.
I keep the glasses next to my toothbrush so it’s hard to miss them. Next to coffee maker seems like a good place too.
As far as mood, what I noticed was a decrease in anxiety and overall more content with life, and more present.  I’ve been taking more careful daily notes directly in the spreadsheet during this periods.  It was also a good week for me on the exercise, progress on work goals and seeing my personal friends (instead of just work people) so there are other contributors to the good week.
They have a standard micro-USB charger and you can adjust the intensity from high (20 minutes of exposure is all that is necessary at this setting) to low (45 minutes of exposure is needed).
This video will give you more of a sense of how they work.

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