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Supercharge Your Circadian Rhythms
September 11, 2017

Why a post about how to supercharge your circadian rhythms? The fact is that for a lot of us our bodies…

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An Epidemic of Fatigue
September 1, 2017

Several of my patients reported odd changes in their sleep and  their energy level this past week, as though there was…

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Fall Warning
August 29, 2015

Northern Hemisphere Fall Warning If you live in the northern hemisphere, and particularly if you live in the United States, this…

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Spring into Summer: Light and Sleep Changes
June 3, 2014

Many people have been noticing the very long days of late Spring and early Summer. There is more energy to get…

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How Light Affects the Brain
March 31, 2014

Two recent articles that I reviewed highlight the accumulating evidence that something as simple as sunlight has profound impacts on brain…

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The Evils of the Snooze Button – Why Sleeping In Makes You Feel Tired
January 10, 2014

Winter is the time of year that the snooze button on your alarm clock can wreck havoc with your mood. Just…

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Using a Therapy Light
December 26, 2013

Christmas vacation is ending, It has been wonderful to spend some relaxing time with family, getting up later in the day,…

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Fall Mania
October 15, 2013

I had been gearing up to write my usual set of posts about seasonal affective disorder, and then this afternoon I…

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Get Ready for Fall
August 22, 2013

As August winds itself up, it is time to start thinking about the fall and then winter coming up. A little…

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Mary Poppins: Overcoming the Winter Months
February 6, 2013

What I most want to have available to me in the long winter months, to help me with my patients with…

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Happy Winter Solstice
December 22, 2012

For those of us in the northern hemisphere this is a day well worth celebrating. Today marks the shortest day of…

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Time Change: Fall Back
October 31, 2012

The time change in the United States is the classic “time of challenge and time of opportunity.” First, the challenge –…

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Mom is Tired: Transactional Analysis
October 19, 2012

The Winter Blues continue to be on the minds of people I talk to. One thing that sometimes happens when we…

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Bay Area Blues
October 13, 2012

If you live in the bay area you probably noticed that this past week you felt a little less energetic. It…

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