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Oct 07

Where is the Outrage about Suicide?

Imagine a world where a silent epidemic was cutting short the lives of young, otherwise healthy people. Imagine that, that deaths in this epidemic were rapidly increasing, while deaths from cancer, heart disease, HIV, and stroke were decreasing. Now imagine that there was no public outrage, not even any clear recognition in the media of what …

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Mar 05

Kevin Briggs and the Golden Gate Bridge

I am away at the annual meeting of the Northern California Psychiatric Society this weekend and while taking a break from the presentations I wanted to try to come up with a quick post that might be relevant to this blog. Probably the most moving part of the weekend was last night’s presentation by Kevin …

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Sep 20

Self Injury is the 8th Leading Cause of Death

Self Injury is the 8th Leading Cause of Death

An article just published online in the prestigious journal JAMA Psychiatry makes us drawn case that our fascination with trying to come up with clear  answers to questions that may ultimately be impossible to answer (what a person’s intent was when they injured themselves) is obscuring the fact that self-injury is now the eighth leading …

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Feb 25

CBT for Insomnia Reduces Suicidal Thoughts

CBT for Insomnia

CBT for insomnia (CBTi) is clearly preferable to taking sleeping medications for most people. Studies show that cognitive behavioral therapy is associated with greater improvements in sleep quality than sleeping medications, and that those improvements are more durable, and, particularly in the elderly, sleeping medications are associated with significant adverse effects, including an increase in mortality. But …

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Feb 23

Kathy Leichter and Here One Day

We had the absolute pleasure of talking with director Kathy Leichter about her experience of making her movie, Here One Day.  Here One Day is an intimate look into Kathy’s mother’s experience with Bipolar Disorder as well as her own experience, as her daughter. Question: How did you come up with the idea of Here One …

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Nov 19

Suicide – But Not Death By Your Own Hand – Dr. Suzanne Black

Suicide post by Suzanne Black

Suicide: from the Latin “sui” – “of one s self,” “-cidium” – “a killing” – “suicidium.” “I cannot stand feeling this way anymore. Please let IT end.”  Let the pain end.  We embody the pain, therefore as the source of pain, we feel compelled to end ourselves in the desperate moments. But is it not …

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Oct 31

Bipolar Suicide Film – Here One Day

Bipolar Suicide - Here One Day

I just attended the screening of a remarkable documentary at the Institute for Psychiatric Services meeting in San Francisco. The film is called Here One Day. It is an incredibly personal story by documentary film maker Kathy Leichter, about her mother, and her mother’s struggle with bipolar. The film is a tribute to a remarkable …

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Oct 04

Suicide in Young Adults

Suicide in Young Adults

Suicide in young adults and adolescents is one of the most troubling issues facing any of us dealing with depression. This post, provided by Yellowbrick, speaks specifically to parents; however, we find that it is a useful resource for all of us who have adolescents and young adults in our lives. Of particular importance is point …

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Mar 30

Golden Gate Barrier Debate Highlights Misconceptions about Depression

Several of the readers of this blog sent me a link to an article that appeared in The New York Times this past week that indicated that it was possible or even likely that at the end of May the Golden Gate Bridge district would approve installing a barrier to prevent suicides. In case you …

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Dec 08

The Irony of Suicide: Book and Other Resources

One of our favorite readers sent us a link to an article entitled “The Irony of Suicide” that recently appeared in the New York Times. We liked the article and thought it might we worth reposting it here. Especially since, irony of ironies, this holiday season is for many people a time when thoughts of …

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Jul 19

My Brain is Trying to Kill Me

Sometimes brains do terrible things. One of the worst of those things is the suicidal preoccupation that can, eventually, lead to suicide itself. Over the years I have done a lot of thinking about suicide and suicidal preoccupation. One aspect of thoughts of suicide is the data about what happens when someone tries to kill …

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Nov 01

In Memoriam

In memoriam. He was brilliant, a creative artist and writer with a strong and clear voice. He was impulsive and he had a generally paranoid view of the police, which they reciprocated. He had been arrested several times. When we met him he was on probation and that was why he came to see us …

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