Wellness in a Time of Pandemic

Moodsurfing is a blog about creative and healthy ways of managing moods and mood shifts.  We’ve been talking about lifestyle change for a long time, so we are ready with lots of healthy actions you can take right now, in spite of social isolation, quarantine, or any other challenge the world can throw at us!

Distance doesn’t have to mean isolation

Reach out by phone, email or social media to your social network.  You can both get and give support by electronic contact.  Think about those who might be lonely or not well connected and make sure they have what they need.

Keep on your daily routine

Routine gives structure to the day, and when other structures get shaky, keeping our own regular routine keeps the time moving.  Get up and get dressed at the usual time.  Get some morning sunlight, and have your usual breakfast (or a healthier one).  Schedule screen time, so that you don’t get caught up in constant, repetitive “news” cycles.  Schedule exercise, outdoor time, sleep time, and whatever else you need.  Structure is important for wellness.

Don’t watch scary programs

You will get the information you need for daily functioning.  Constantly updating yourself on the progress of the pandemic all around the world is not helpful.  Keep from obsessing about the latest “updates” and use most of your allotted screen time for fun and relaxation.

Utilize social media wisely

Social media like Facebook and Instagram can be both friend and foe.  Be mindful about what you are reading and listening to, if it’s constructive, share, if it’s destructive shut it down by ignoring it, no clicks, no angry emoticons, pure silence is best for negative postings.  Tim Baribeau has published an article about digital platforms for socializing online that has a lot of ideas.  Moodsurfing has not reviewed any of these, but they look like they could be both fun and useful.

Be Mindful Now is a good time to start meditating, like you always meant to.  Take a half hour a few times throughout the day and just breathe.  Observe what kinds of behavior you default to in a crisis.  Make choices about how you want to spend the life that’s being saved by this quarantine.  Use the time and the resources you have been given to live the way you want to.