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Reinvigorate Your New Year’s Resolutions: Connect Change with Your Values
January 9, 2014

The celebration of a new year is frequently accompanied by hopes, wishes, and goals for the coming year, which take shape…

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Bipolar Treatment: The “Quick Fix”
November 8, 2013

A young woman came in to see me today. She was in a hurry. She wanted to make a change in…

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Hardwiring Happiness
October 23, 2013

Sometimes it is simple ideas that resonate the most powerfully with our psyches.  This week I have found myself, again and…

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Dual Treatment: Medications and Therapy Work Together to Treat Depression
September 10, 2013

A review in the prestigious journal JAMA Psychiatry suggests that there may be a clear biological explanation of how medications and…

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Cluelessness: Getting Stupid
August 23, 2013

Late on a Friday afternoon,  I found myself with two patients (back to back) who were yawning and seemingly drifting off…

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Recovery from Disability
August 10, 2013

Sometimes we are privileged to help someone who is disabled due to bipolar or depression to recover and resume a full…

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A Spoonful of Courage
June 20, 2013

In a previous post, I shared Linda Graham’s views on resilience from an excerpt from her article Bouncing Back :Rewiring the…

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Chronic Depression: What You See Depends on Where You Look
June 19, 2013

It can be hard to sit with someone with depression, especially chronic depression. For me it is the fact that I…

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Check Your Wallet
May 21, 2013

Recently, we were writing about the bias that practitioners have that the technique that they they have mastered is the most…

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Parallel Universes: The Duality of Hopelessness and Optimism
May 16, 2013

It’s hard to explain how it is possible to go from a state of complete hopelessness and a sense that the…

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The Facts are Friendly
May 8, 2013

We have found ourselves wrestling with a couple of situations where patients seem to be trying to help us come to…

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Phew… That’s Done: Sustaining Attention
April 21, 2013

It is such a relief, after worrying about some health problem for a long time, to suddenly realize that that problem…

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The Gift of Hope
March 22, 2013

I have never been able to find the short article in the Journal of the American Medical Association that talked about…

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Trojan Horse Medications
March 19, 2013

From time to time we are asked to review the care that people with cycling moods have received, trying to figure…

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Small Rewards
March 13, 2013

A young woman who was scheduled to go on a big trek in the Himalayas was not doing the training she…

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A Protest
March 6, 2013

So many of us have to deal with things that are not fair – depression, unsupporting spouses, financial reversals, weight gain,…

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Mood and Food
February 10, 2013

Today’s post was inspired by Disorderly Chickadee’s blog. She has been in an unstable (irritable) mood but her post is about…

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Be Helpful
February 6, 2013

We love today’s post from Just One Thing! (And yes, we have had several references to this site in the last…

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Take a Chance
January 26, 2013

If you are feeling depressed or anxious, today’s post from Rick Hanson (part of his Just One Thing blog) may be…

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Running a Marathon
January 22, 2013

Many of us are strongly motivated by the desire to achieve results, complete tasks and succeed. Often we want to get…

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