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Apr 07

Support a Loved One with Bipolar – Gina

Many family members I speak with struggle with the question of how to best support a loved one with bipolar. As a loved one, it can be incredibly stressful to battle with unknowns, one’s own anxiety and feelings of helplessness. People are understandably eager for information that can equip them with tools to help. I have …

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Apr 01

Support Groups for Bipolar

  Support groups for bipolar seem like such a good idea. There are so many questions and it is hard to find good sources of information. Family and friends can be a resource, but they may not understand the challenges of living with mood instability. Professionals (a therapist or psychiatrist) can help, but they are not …

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Aug 21

Bay Area Groups for Bipolar

Readers of this blog who live in the Bay Area may be interested in two groups that are starting this fall. Both of them are led by excellent clinicians and should be valuable to people with bipolar. Colleague and friend Descartes Li will be leading one of them. He describes the group this way – …

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Mar 15

Apps for MoodSurfing

While you are waiting for the official MoodSurfing app, you might want to check out the recently updated “Links and Apps” page on this blog. There I write about other websites with useful information, but also about apps for Android and iPhone that can help you create calm by adding a mindfulness practice, or track …

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Dec 29

Shame and Self-Disclosure

There is a lively discussion in our forum about self-disclosure. A couple of forum members are pushing the boundaries by talking honestly about their bipolar when the topic comes up in conversation. So far their experiences are largely positive. The interchange on the forum reminded me of a book I bought for my son when …

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Dec 03

Bay Area Bipolar Educational Group

Dr. Descartes Li (see interview in our “Conversations” section) is starting another Psycho-Educational Group for Bipolar Disorder this spring. We are happy to encourage all readers in the Bay Area to find out more information about these excellent groups. The group is an especially good option if you still suffer from mood swings, or have questions …

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Nov 01

Protected: Making Sense of Mental Illness in a Family Member

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sep 22

Should I Tell My Boss?

One of the hottest topics on our forum is when, and how, to tell people about your depression or bipolar. The question of telling an employer is a particularly tricky one since, on the one hand, sharing information about a “chronic medical condition” allows you to claim certain benefits that are guaranteed by the Americans …

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Jun 18

Strategies for Bipolar Disorder

Living with Bipolar Disorder is not an easy feat. On the bright side, there are different strategies for coping with and managing the various symptoms.  By making healthy choices and pairing medication and therapy, individuals with Bipolar Disorder can gain more control of their lives. Some factors that are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle …

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Mar 27

Escape from Depression

I met a young woman yesterday who got me thinking about the reasons why I feel so strongly about the work I do as a psychiatrist, helping people with chronic mood problems. She came in for help with what she described as a “mild but chronic depression.” She had already seen one psychiatrist, and he …

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Nov 17

Forum News

On the second week anniversary of our forum I want to take a moment and thank all of you who have contributed to it. We have doubled the number of members in the past week. I hope that I can encourage all of you to select an avatar (it really does make the thing seem …

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Oct 19

Starting a Forum


We have finally gotten started with our online forum. This is a place where frequent visitors and subscribers can ask questions, make suggestions, offer advice, share wisdom, etcetera, related to living creatively with moods. We want this forum to be lively, positive, candid and meaningful. To that end we can promise that we will give …

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Aug 29


We think it’s about time for a little shamelessness. We have spent our entire lives trying to help people with moods find happy, satisfying lives. Honestly, one of the biggest challenges that we face is the shame and stigma that accompanies, for so many of us, any thought about depression or bipolar, or any of …

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Aug 26

Online Resources

There is so much information on the internet. And so much misinformation. How to find good answers to your questions? This is a very selective list of resources that we have found helpful – Medications UpToDate – This is an online medical textbook that is updated continuously. It is the resource we use when we …

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Jun 24

Living with Support: Groups and Other Resources

It’s sometimes hard to figure out the answers to questions about moods and how they influence our lives. Family and friends can be a resource, but they may not understand us. Professionals (a therapist or psychiatrist) may help, but they are not available all the time, and there are some things that you want to …

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