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Mindfulness for Bipolar – Eric
July 20, 2015

Could mindfulness meditation be a viable treatment for bipolar disorder? What are the aims of modern-day meditation? Transcendence? Inner peace? Maybe…

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Mindfulness Apps
March 3, 2015

Mindfulness apps have intrigued us for years. The New York Times recently two mindfulness apps. I was pleased to see that the…

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Meditation Tricks
December 4, 2014

Most of us in the Gateway Clinic have been encouraging our patients to take up meditation for years.  We will explain…

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Stress and the Holidays
November 23, 2014

Stress and the Holidays– A successful businesswoman, who is herself a mother, is returning to her family’s home to have Christmas…

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Life Lived as a Bipolar – Stuart Jessiman
September 25, 2014

Introducing myself, my name is Stuart Jessiman. I’m British, I come from London and I am Bipolar. I was diagnosed in…

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Breathing Practices for Stress Relief
September 21, 2014

Breathing Techniques One of the oldest “self help” movements is based on breathing, helping us to use our breath, and how…

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Foundations of Wellbeing
August 23, 2014

Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing online seminar is going to help many people enjoy better, richer, happier lives. As regular readers…

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Rick Hanson – Trust in Love
August 20, 2014

It has been a while since we mentioned Rick Hanson’s wonderful website and listserve – Just One Thing. Along comes not…

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Mindfulness and Bipolar
August 11, 2014

Mindfulness and Bipolar. I just posted a timely conversation with Bob, someone I have known for several years, about how integrating…

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Mindfulness and Impermanency: The Practice of Acknowledging the Temporary – Arnrow
July 9, 2014

After reading this article by TV producer-turned-mindful meditation enthusiast, Mark Koberg, I have been reflecting on how my awareness of permanency,…

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Be Mindful of Keeping Your Mind Full of Good – Arnrow
June 30, 2014

Experience-dependent neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to learn, adapt, and evolve to not only our experiences, but also, and perhaps…

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Wholeness: Overcoming the War Within – Arnrow
June 26, 2014

I feel like there is a war within us– an internal battle between the different parts of us, tugging and pulling…

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Training Your Brain – by Lyndsey
May 13, 2014

I’m an avid animal lover in general, and dog lover in specific. I take a lot of life’s cues from dogs…

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Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse Treatment Works
April 4, 2014

Relapse is common after substance abuse treatment, indicating that there is a clear need for effective followup options. A new study…

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Yoga for Mood and Health
March 26, 2014

Many of our patients with chronic mood disorders report that beginning yoga and doing it consistently has been associated with periods…

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Apps for MoodSurfing
March 15, 2014

While you are waiting for the official MoodSurfing app, you might want to check out the recently updated “Links and Apps”…

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Reduce Your Social Stress
January 26, 2014

Regular readers of this blog know that I really like the writings of Rick Hanson (he has a wonderful email list…

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I’m In An Abusive Relationship… with Myself
November 14, 2013

Many people I see with chronic depression carry around with them a tormentor who says the most terrible things imaginable about…

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Experience a Sense of Plenty
October 4, 2013

Nothing can seem more urgent, important, and real than the sense that there is not enough for us. Not enough love….

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Acceptance versus Avoidance
September 21, 2013

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is based on the belief that five fundamental errors are responsible for much of human distress….

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