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Motivating Healthy Behavior Changes
July 9, 2017

What is the most effective way of motivating healthy behavior changes? And how does medical practice best  take advantage of information…

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Higher Carbohydrate Meals Increase Punishment
July 4, 2017

A study in 2017 finds that the composition of food in one meal can significantly affect behavior in the following hours,…

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September 3, 2016

Phosphatidylserine may help protect the body against stress and may improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s dementia. For the last month I…

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Fish Oil for Depression
November 18, 2015

Is fish oil effective for treating depression? Just this past week a new patient in my practice asked me that question…

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Can Junk Food Shrink Your Brain?
November 2, 2015

Did you know that increasing or even maintaining your intake of burgers, fries and soda pop—and pretty much any other hallmark…

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Mood Disorders and Summer Nutrition – Arnrow
July 2, 2014

We recently wrote about healthy eating for people with mood disorders (original post can be viewed here). Today, we bring you some…

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A Healthy Diet
June 21, 2014

We are glad to have recently added a page to our “Topics” section that discusses a healthy diet and also reviews…

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Supplement Update
April 6, 2014

We got this update from Consumer Labs which reminded us why we think it is a great resource for anyone serious…

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Zinc Might Prevent Depression
April 6, 2014

In several animal studies, zinc deficiency can cause behavior that looks like depression. In other animal studies, giving  zinc can have antidepressant-like…

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Mood Effects of Diet
March 7, 2014

One of our readers wrote to ask – Have you observed an impact of diet on mood? I feel that less…

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EmPowerPlus – Placebo or Nutritional Treatment for Bipolar?
December 14, 2013

I have been surfing the web looking for other blogs on the topic of bipolar. It is an interesting and…

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Mediterranean Diet and Depression
November 30, 2013

Boost your brain power naturally! Try this simple intervention to reduce depression, stroke, heart disease and improve cognition. Does that statement…

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Food, Mood and Cognition
November 16, 2013

We recently got a useful update on this topic from one of the clinicians who works with us at Gateway Psychiatric….

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Coffee for Depression?
September 14, 2013

Feeling down? An article in Psychiatric Times suggests that drinking a couple of cups of coffee in the morning might help…

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Hormones and Food
September 13, 2013

In an earlier post we talked about some of the research on appetite. We reviewed some of the peptide hormones that…

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Hunger Regulation
August 29, 2013

Recently several folks have asked us questions about diet, hunger, weight gain, and nutrition. Certainly for many people with depression, gaining…

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Effects of Vitamin D on Mental Illness
May 24, 2013

Current Psychiatry posted an article suggesting that vitamin D levels are related to different mental illnesses. Although more than 50% of…

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Iron for PMS
April 9, 2013

A recent study suggested that women who consumed higher amounts of iron (from plant not animal sources) had a lower rate…

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Fish Oil Update
March 11, 2013

Since so many people with bipolar and depression take fish oil we thought we would pass on some information in a…

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Something Fishy
December 12, 2012

Journal Watch (which is published by the very well respected New England Journal of Medicine) recently reviewed the evidence about omega…

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