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Supplements – Use Caution
September 25, 2016

We are once again reminded that it’s important to be cautious when using supplements since they are essentially unregulated in this…

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September 3, 2016

Phosphatidylserine may help protect the body against stress and may improve memory and prevent Alzheimer’s dementia. For the last month I…

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Fish Oil for Depression
November 18, 2015

Is fish oil effective for treating depression? Just this past week a new patient in my practice asked me that question…

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S-Adenosyl-Methionine Update
November 8, 2015

SAM-e S-adenosylmethionine, or SAM-e for short, is one of the few nutritional supplements that has good clinical research to support its safety…

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St. John’s Wort for Depression
August 5, 2015

A recently published study raises questions about whether the natural supplement St. John’s wort is actually associated with fewer adverse effects…

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Lithium Health Benefits – Link to GPS
September 17, 2014

Several members of this forum sent me an e-mail with a link to an article that appeared in the New York…

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Natural Supplements and Insomnia
July 14, 2014

There are two herbs or supplements that have the best data supporting their effectiveness. Both appear to be safe but…

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A Healthy Diet
June 21, 2014

We are glad to have recently added a page to our “Topics” section that discusses a healthy diet and also reviews…

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L-Methylfolate for Depression
April 21, 2014

Methylfolate is the active form of folic acid – which is an essential B vitamin. Methylfolate is essential for the brain to make the…

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Supplement Update
April 6, 2014

We got this update from Consumer Labs which reminded us why we think it is a great resource for anyone serious…

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Zinc Might Prevent Depression
April 6, 2014

In several animal studies, zinc deficiency can cause behavior that looks like depression. In other animal studies, giving  zinc can have antidepressant-like…

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EmPowerPlus – Placebo or Nutritional Treatment for Bipolar?
December 14, 2013

I have been surfing the web looking for other blogs on the topic of bipolar. It is an interesting and…

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Herbal Supplements Often Not What They Claim
November 19, 2013

A recent study concluded that herbal supplements are often not what they claim to be. The study was published in the…

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Coffee for Depression?
September 14, 2013

Feeling down? An article in Psychiatric Times suggests that drinking a couple of cups of coffee in the morning might help…

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August 20, 2013

If you are a ginseng believer, then ginseng is the one supplement that all of us should be taking. Russian scientist…

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Autism Spectrum Disorder: An inside look to CATs
June 28, 2013

Recently there has been discussion about alternative treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The acronym CAT is used to describe these complimentary…

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Iron for PMS
April 9, 2013

A recent study suggested that women who consumed higher amounts of iron (from plant not animal sources) had a lower rate…

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St. John’s Wort
March 25, 2013

St. John’s Wort is a plant which has been shown in many well controlled clinical trials to be more effective than…

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Fish Oil Update
March 11, 2013

Since so many people with bipolar and depression take fish oil we thought we would pass on some information in a…

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Something Fishy
December 12, 2012

Journal Watch (which is published by the very well respected New England Journal of Medicine) recently reviewed the evidence about omega…

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